What are Glitter Tattoos?

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Have you ever wondered “What are Glitter Tattoos?”

Well, Glitter Tattoos are a form of temporary body art created by using a variety of stencil designs and sparkly coloured Glitters, making sparkly temporary tattoos for anybody who love tattoos and glitter!

Glitter Body Art have been trading for 12 years and know everything there is to know about Glitter Tattoos and temporary body art products and only use the best, cosmetically approved products.

A tattoo is applied to the skin using body safe adhesive, a body art stencil and cosmetic grade glitter, this creates a beautiful shimmery temporary tattoo which can last up to 7 days on the skin. The tattoo does not in any way penetrate the skin, it purely sits on top of the skin.

You may have seen Glitter Tattoos at your local school fairs, carnivals, theme parks, caravan parks and other events and they are not just for girls, the boys like them just as much.

What body adhesive is used?

Only body safe glue should used on the skin and can only be safely used on children over 3 years of age, slight reactions may occur in children under 3 as their immune is not fully developed and public liability insurance will be an issue for commercial sellers.

Body Glue Plus comes in a nail polish style bottle with a brush or a wand type application in a tube. We also sell refill bottles for customers who wish to buy bulk Body Glue

How are Glitter Tattoos Applied?

Glitter Body Art’s tattoo stencils are black in colour and come as a triple layer, top, middle and bottom card layer. These are all designed and made in our factory based in South Wales so we provide the best quality products. The card is removed from the stencil to reveal a sticky backing, this is placed on clean, unbroken skin and then the top clear layer is removed, the stencil will be held in place.

See how it’s done…

You will be able to see the skin under the stencil. We recommend using a stencil only once to avoid cross contamination from person to person. Using Body Glue Plus, apply over the skin area, working from the outside of the skin into the middle skin area, do not work from the middle to the outside as this will push the glue under the stencil and cause an untidy edge. The glue, when applied is white and then goes clear quite quickly, apply very thinly.


Blending colours

Now your ready to apply your cosmetic glitter, you can use a glitter jar or a glitter puffer bottle for application, this is personal choice. Use a small brush to direct the glitter to the appropriate area of the stencil. The more glitter colours you use, the more vibrant the glitter tattoo looks when complete. Blending is quite simple. Make sure all areas of the tattoo are covered sufficiently so no skin areas can be seen.

Sweep off any excess glitter gently and then remove the stencil from the skin, this should come off quite easily, there will only be issues if you have used too much body adhesive and the stencil will pull off the edges of the design.



How to look after a Glitter Tattoo

Glitter tattoos, if applied correctly, should remain sparkly and last up to 7 days. If the tattoo becomes wet, then simply dab dry with a soft cloth, if it is rubbed when wet, it may start to break up and come off the skin.

How to remove a Glitter Tattoo

We recommend using baby oil or very good quality makeup remover for removing a glitter tattoo so to avoid abrasions to the skin, it simply will not just wash off!

Glitter Tattoos on the face

We recommended using our Premium range of cosmetic glitters if you wish to apply a tattoo to the face and Makeup Glitter Fix – Makeup Glitter fix is gentler on the skin and easier to remove.

Why use Cosmetic Glitter?

Cosmetic grade glitter only should be used for glitter tattoos, this is certified and cosmetically approved for use on the skin. It is known for some people to use craft glitter on tattoos but this is very dangerous as some craft glitter contain glass! Please ensure you buy off reputable companies.
We stock a large range of standard colours as well as Holographic glitters, Iridescent glitters, ultra fine glitters, Chunky Glitters and our own bioglitter range BioSparkle which is environmentally friendly glitter

All ages love glitter tattoos and we stock hundreds of designs on our website, we have Animal stencils, Unicorn stencils, Princess stencils, Christmas stencils, Dragon Stencils, Butterfly Stencils and many more themes to suit all occasions. Take a look at our design portfolio

If you would like further information, advice on glitter tattoos or video tutorials and how to create a Glitter Tattoo or simply want to look at our Glitter Tattoo Kits, then please visit The Temporary Tattoo Store

Hope you have enjoyed our sparkly blog?

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